Burn Day Information

Jackson County/Josephine County



Historically, Jackson County and Josephine County experience very poor air circulation in the fall and winter.  Stagnant air becomes a potential health problem for everyone during this time, due to particulate matter from open/barrel burning.


In an effort to control the problem of pollution resulting from open burning on poor ventilation days, Jackson County voters passed an open burning ordinance in 1989.


Ordinance 1810.07 affects all of Jackson County.  Those who live outside of the Air Quality Maintenance Area, which includes the Applegate Valley, may burn whenever the Ventilation index is 400 or greater, except during fire season.


The ordinance prohibits the burning of the following materials; wet garbage, plastic, wire

Insulation, automobile parts, asphalt, petroleum treated materials, rubber products, animal remains, animal or vegetable matter resulting from the handling, preparation, cooking or service of food, and any other materials which normally emit dense smoke or noxious odors.


Jackson County Environmental Health actively enforces this ordinance.  Burning on a “no burning day” may result in a citation and subsequent fine of up to $500.  Agriculturalists who need to burn for disease and/or pest control may obtain a special burning authorization  from Jackson County Air Quality.


To obtain the daily ventilation index and information on burn days call the Open Burning Advisory; for Jackson County residents 776-7007

                       Josephine County residents 476-9663


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